Action movie superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger has been doing whatever he can to assist with global efforts asking people to adhere to social distancing guidelines as well as self-isolation.

Delighting people with video clips that have included his pets, one of which is a donkey, Arnie has now donated $1 million to a GoFundMe campaign called Frontline Responders Fund. The campaign is working to get critical supplies like surgical masks, surgical gowns, gloves, and other crucial supplies to doctors, nurses, and hospital staff who are putting their lives on the line during these current trying circumstances.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's generosity was first highlighted via social media by the CEO of GoFundMe, Rob Solomon.

"@Schwarzenegger donates $1M, teams up with @EdwardNorton, @GoFundMe, @Flexport & other business leaders to create the #frontlinefund, a fundraiser to deliver masks, gowns, and other critical items to protect medical professional in our hospitals."

Of course, Arnie responded in his usual inspiring way, demonstrating once again his humility and genuine desire to do some good during this time of great upheaval.

"I never believed in sitting on the couch and complaining about how bad things are, I always believed we should all do our part to make things better. This is a simple way to protect our real action heroes on the frontlines in our hospitals, and I'm proud to be part of it."

Such a large donation from the Terminator star will no doubt be a huge help during these stressful times. The people putting themselves on the front lines of this global health battle deserve all of the help they can get, and Arnie is more than willing to provide some financial aid. As you can see in the first post, he isn't the only actor who's contributing funds to this charitable cause, with Edward Norton also pitching in as an organizer for the Frontline Responders Fund, among others.

Currently, the GoFundMe campaign has raised over $3.5 million from nearly 1,300 donors, with the aim being to collect $10 million. Arnie's involvement is now drawing a lot of attention, so rest assured the campaign will be nearing that target very soon.

Of course, being the action hero that he is, this donation is not the only way that Arnie has been passing the time lately. Last week, he shared a charming video of himself feeding his pets, using them as an example of how we should all be behaving during this time. A few days later he shared some advice on social distancing while chilling in his hot tub smoking one of his iconic stogies. As well as that, being the fitness fanatic that he is, Arnie also shared some tips on how to get in a little exercise, suggesting that people take a bike ride or a brisk walk.

This news to comes to us courtesy of Arnold Schwarzenegger's official Twitter account, whilst the GoFundMe campaign for Frontline Responders can be found Here.

Jon Fuge at Movieweb
Jon Fuge