We're pretty sure we know the truth about those pesky Arnold Schwarzenegger rumors swirling around Terminator Salvation, and director McG all but confirmed this stirring speculation when we spoke with him at Comic Con. The film's producers have paid Schwarzenegger a staggering amount of money, even though he isn't physically appearing in the film. So why did he get all of that cash? Because, as our more than reliable source has informed us, McG will be CGIing the former actor/current California State Governor's likeness onto Austrian body builder Roland Kickinger's body.

What does Arnold have to say about this? Well, the Los Angeles Times caught up with the former body builder and original star of The Terminator franchise for an interview. Schwarzenegger stated, "I still don't know how it will play out with this one. They showed me some footage, but I don't have a feel for the movie. I didn't see enough. I wasn't sure who the Terminator was. I don't know if there is one or if he's the star or the hero. These are the things that determine the success and how strong the movie will be."

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Arnie played coy with the fact that his image will actually be seen in the film. He instead went on about the feel and tone of the project, "I hope they do well, and I hope it is a huge hit. I do hope it creates a spectacle on the screen. That is what James Cameron created. With those big movies, there's a certain expectation and if you don't live up to it, if the movie is not a 10, then the business will be soft. If Terminator Salvation is pushing it forward, it will be breaking records all the time. If director McG has the T4 and the kind of shots that has the audience thinking, 'Now how did he do that?' -- then it is "The Terminator" and you can blow everyone away and every record at the box office."

About not physically appearing in the film, Schwarzenegger was quite relieved by the fact, "The same thing happened with bodybuilding. Seven times I won the Mr. Olympia title, a record, no one had done that. Then someone else won it eight times. Do I sit and say, 'Darn it, my record is gone' or 'Darn, I'm not up there on stage.' No, because I've moved into other phases of my life. I moved on from bodybuilding into entertainment. Then I moved on from entertainment into a political life. Now this is the most exciting experience of my life. When this movie comes out, I won't be sitting there saying, 'Why can't I do that?' I hope it makes a lot of money and is very successful."

Terminator Salvation opens May 22nd, 2009.