Back in July, we were the first site to break the news that Arnold Schwarzenegger's face was going to be CGI'd onto Roland Kickinger's body in Terminator Salvation. We even asked Director McG this question point blank at Comic Con. You can see his answer here, were he "sort of" confirms Arnold's involvement. Now, courtesy of Latino Review, a picture has surfaced from the set of McG's film, which shows Arnold talking with the film's leading man Christian Bale. See the image below:

Latino Review's source claims that Arnold was on set providing dialogue for the effects crew to work with, in order to seamlessly impose Schwarzenegger's face into the film and onto Kickinger's torso. To read more on what we already told you months ago, CLICK HERE

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Terminator Salvation is set to open in theaters this summer on May 22nd, 2009.