Despite the ongoing outbreak of the infamous COVID-19 causing untold disruption and dismay around the globe, things are not all bad. One thing that we have been gifted with is the sight of The Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, sitting with his adorable pets Lulu and Cherry, whilst he gives us self-isolation advice with that iconic accent. By the way, one of his pets is a donkey. Now, Arnie has returned (his catchphrase is "I'll be back" after all) with another Public Service Announcement advising that we all stay at home in order to protect the elderly and vulnerable from this horrible virus.

"Stay. At. Home. That means you, too, spring breakers."

It looks like Arnie is making the most of a bad situation, which is, of course, easier to do when you have your own swimming pool. Still, his advice is sound, as he has a serious word with the public and sends out a clear message asking people to stay at home. As he explains in the video, he is still seeing too many people going out to restaurants, drinking at beaches and hanging out with crowds. As you are no doubt aware, this goes against what has been advised by experts.

Arnie looks his typically awesome self in the clip, wearing a baseball cap with "Sheriff" emblazoned on the front whilst smoking one of his stogies. It is difficult not to listen to one of the greatest action heroes of all time when they're telling you what to do, and even more difficult when they look so cool while telling you. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been using his social media accounts to send out these messages for the last few days now.

The highlight though of this one is the actor quoting his 1996 Christmas favorite Jingle All The Way at the end, shouting "Put that cookie down!" Why he does not want us to eat cookies at this trying time is a mystery, but you better just do as he says.The A-list star says he has also been passing time working out in his home gym and riding his bike around - something which he assures us doctors have approved.

"Doctors say that riding my bike outside is OK so it's the only way I'm leaving the house, but if you do ride your bike or go for a walk, don't stop, avoid social contact. Apologies to everyone but I won't be stopping on my rides for selfies. Stay positive, stay safe."

Now, obviously not all of us have home gyms and the like, but he clearly means well. Besides, if you aren't happy about his messages, we dare you to tell him yourself. Even though most of us lack the same luxury as Arnie, this is obviously a great time to catch up on movies you may have missed, as well as watch new releases as several are now being released early to digital platforms. Stay safe out there!This PSA comes to us courtesy of Arnold Schwarzenegger's official Twitter account.

Jon Fuge at Movieweb
Jon Fuge