Arnold Schwarzenegger has returned to Lionsgate's Western project Last Stand, nearly two months after he put his acting career on hold in May.

Back in April, we reported that Arnold Schwarzenegger attached himself to Last Stand, a Western which will serve as the English-language debut of Korean filmmaker Jee-woon Kim (The Good, the Bad, the Weird, I Saw the Devil). The story centers around a small-town sheriff (Arnold Schwarzenegger ) who becomes the last line of defense when a Mexican drug cartel escapes from a courtroom and tries to get back south of the border.

Production is now scheduled to start in September on a $30 million budget. Last Stand was just one of several projects Arnold Schwarzenegger left behind during his acting hiatus, including Cry Macho and Terminator 5. Cry Macho is believed to be delayed until at least February 2012, if not indefinitely.