Earlier this week, we reported that Arnold Schwarzenegger will return to The Terminator franchise, although now it seems that won't be his next movie. A new report indicates the former California governor will star in Cry Macho as his first film out of office.

Brad Furman (The Lincoln Lawyer) will direct this drama from his own screenplay, which is adapted from the N. Richard Nash novel of the same name. The story centers on a horse trainer who is fired by his boss and ends up agreeing to kidnap his boss' 11-year-old son from his Mexican ex-wife. The story takes an unexpected turn, though, when the ex-wife is happy to be rid of the young boy.

Albert S. Ruddy will produce the drama, and it is said the producer almost had Arnold Schwarzenegger attached to star over a decade ago. Albert S. Ruddy is teaming up with producer Bill Block (District 9), and they will seek financing at the Cannes Film Festival next month.

It is said that Cry Macho will start production sometime this summer, after financing is secured.