Hey everybody...Brian here to sum up the week in some news stories we might have missed due to the big conversion going on here at Lights Out this week! Have fun!

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"Yes, I say 'Hasta la vista baby' and 'I'll be back.' There are also some new lines that are going to be great." Arnold has been talking up a storm this week about some more little tidbits about T3. He also confirmed to our extended UGO family at CIN CITY that the script for True Lies 2 is complete and has been turned in! Sound interesting? CLICK HERE

In other movie news...

  • XXX, Men In Black 2, Spider-man, Signs and many more advertising campaigns will be polluting millions of TV viewers' brains this Sunday during the Superbowl and IGN's Filmforce has the list...check it out...CLICK HERE
  • A review of Martin Scorsese's Gangs Of New York is up at AICN. CLICK HERE
  • 10 pictures of the Robin Williams thriller One Hour Photo have appeared online. Take a look.
  • Interested in some pictures of Adam Sandler's animated film, 8 Crazy Nights? CLICK HERE
  • The official Resident Evil site has gotten an upgrade. Check it out.
  • The May release of The Simpsons Season 2 DVD set will be huge! javascript:void(0|This is what the cover looks like!

Stay Tuned...~Brian

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.