Ever since Netflix resurrected Arrested Development, with Season 4 debuting back in 2013, fans have been wondering when we might get Season 5. There has been talk of an Arrested Development movie that would arrive before Season 5, but we haven't heard anything about a movie in quite some time. During the streaming service's TCA press tour presentation earlier today, chief content officer Ted Sarandos revealed that negotiations are under way with cast members for new episodes, although it is quite a long process.

"We're plugging along. It's a long complex deal to make for these guys both because the talent is very busy and working on other shows. But also because the show is owned by [20th Century] Fox. The intent is to have a new season of Arrested Development, and all negotiations are underway."
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Back in April, executive producer Brian Grazer revealed that they are producing a 17-episode Season 5, with production scheduled to begin in early 2016 and the new episodes debuting that spring on the streaming service. Earlier this month, series star Jessica Walter teased that this new season will open with the arrest of Buster Bluth (Tony Hale), for the murder of Lucille Austero (Liza Minnelli). You may recall that this bloody murder took place at the very end of Season 4, and it appears that Lucille's on-and-off lover Buster has taken the fall when the new season opens.

In an interview with GQ, series creator Mitchell Hurwitz revealed that he hopes to begin the writing process for Season 5 this summer, while deals are being worked out with the cast. Jessica Walter teased that the details about the season opening with Buster's arrest came straight from Mitchell Hurwitz himself, so it seems he already has part of the story for this season mapped, out. Here's what the series creator had to say below.

"My hope is to start the writers' room on it this summer, while they're making deals with the cast."

It isn't known if Mitchell Hurwitz plans on using the same format as Season 4, with each episode centering on just one of the Bluth family members at a time. The format wasn't received too well by the fans, so we'll have to see what he has in store for Season 5. Are you looking forward to the return of Arrested Development?