Last month, The CW announced that the network is developing a spinoff series that will star Arrow's Brandon Routh (Atom) and Caity Lotz (Black Canary) and The Flash's Victor Garber (Firestorm) and Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold). Many fans are curious how the show will bring Caity Lotz's Black Canary back, since she was killed off in the Season 3 premiere last year. When asked how Black Canary will come back, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg wouldn't offer any specific details, but he did say that the fans will know more very soon.

"I think by the Spring, you'll know. We want to keep some surprises going, but we're really excited about that series. just to add another leg to the tripod, and complete it. We'll get to see some of the characters that weve seen and introduce a whole bunch of new characters, and show them all in a different way, and have the show really feel different. As different as Flash feels from Arrow, this new show will feel different from both of them."

The show currently doesn't have a title at this time, but Andrew Kreisberg that will also be announced shortly.

"It's still very early in the process on that. We had to make sure to get as much of the cast set as we could before we sat down to break this mega-series with all of these characters, rather than be do that and have people say they're not interested."

Arrow creators Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim created this untitled spinoff, which will also feature three new mystery characters. It isn't known when production will get started on the pilot, but we'll bring you more details on the spinoff. Are you looking forward to this new series? Chime in with your thoughts below.