Earlier this spring, when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hit theaters, fans were given their first look at the new DCEU members of the Justice League. Ezra Miller (The Flash), Jason Momoa (Aquaman) and Ray Fisher (Cyborg) all made cameo appearances, before reuniting in Justice League, which is currently in production. While we don't know if the DCEU will ever bring Green Arrow into the fold, Arrow star Stephen Amell says he wouldn't hold any ill will against Warner Bros. for recasting the character he's been playing for the past four seasons on The CW series.

Stephen Amell recently appeared at the Salt Lake City Comic-Con with his Arrow co-star David Ramsey, where he was asked about the possibility of Green Arrow being recast for a new DCEU movie. According to ComicBook.com, the actor explained how he thought the timing of The Flash casting was "less than appropriate" although he added that he wouldn't be upset if another actor played his own character on the big screen. Here's what he had to say.

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"Again, I just thought the timing [of the Flash film casting] was less than appropriate. I do not have a right to Oliver Queen. Someone played it before me, someone voiced it before me, somebody will play him after me. I don't believe there are plans for Oliver Queen in the DCEU, based on things people have told me, but I would not be upset if that changed at all."

Many fans were upset when Arrow's version of the Suicide Squad was essentially disbanded, after the Suicide Squad movie started coming together. The actor revealed that there is no "in-fighting" between Warner Bros. TV and DC, revealing how he found out the Suicide Squad isn't coming back to the small screen. Here's what he had to say on that matter.

"That's not how that works. Diane Nelson, Geoff Johns, the people at WB on the features side, the people at WB on the TV side are all in the business of making the best products for the fans. Diane Nelson sent me a very, very eloquent email explanation as to why they thought the cinematic universe and the television universe should remain separate, and it made perfect sense to me... Look, there is no in-fighting, there is no war between the two factions. It's all a collaborative effort and in the grand scheme of things, I think that the television universe has done just fine for itself."

We still don't know for sure if a DC Comics movie based on Green Arrow will happen quite yet, but the DCEU is currently set until the year 2020. While it remains to be seen if this movie happens, it seems clear that Stephen Amell will not object to the movie happening. Take a look at the video below from the Salt Lake City Comic-Con with Arrow stars Stephen Amell and David Ramsey.