Will Brandon Routh fully transform into the Atom on Arrow this season? That is a question many fans have been asking since the former Superman Returns star was first announced as Ray Palmer for the currently airing run of Season 3 episodes.

Now we are a little closer to an answer, as the actor hints pretty heavily that we will, in fact, see him suiting up as the iconic hero from the DC Comics. Brandon Routh jumped on Twitter yesterday to reveal an image of himself undergoing a plaster transformation, with the caption: "All in a days work #RayPalmer #Arrow."

While the face mold certainly indicates that he is gearing up for something bigger than what we've seen up until this point, when and if the Atom actually does show up, it won't be until Arrow Season 3 returns for the second half of it's run in 2015, possibly appearing in Episode 11 currently titled Midnight City. That is the episode now shooting, and it's believed to be the episode during which this photo was taken.

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Brandon Routh had previously teased that he'd seen costume concept art for the superhero. And while this version of the Atom won't have any super powers, or be able to shrink, he will be a tech-powered do-gooder. This fits in with Ray Palmer's work as a physicist specializing in matter compression.

We're sure to see a photo of Brandon Routh revealed as the Atom before then. Until that happens, we'll have to settle for this first photo:

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange