80s fans and nostalgia lovers are in for a treat, as The CW's Arrow casts The Beastmaster himself, Marc Singer, to lead the Creature Commandos in the second half of Season 3. The actor will debut in episode 14 in a role that will be recurring. The actor is reportedly playing a very important role in the final half of this latest run of episodes.

Marc Singer is set to play General Matthew Shrieve, a character first seen in 1980's "Weird War Tales" #93. He was created by J. M. DeMatteis and artist Pat Broderick, with Marc Singer set to appear in either late February or early March. Marc Singer will feature into the show's flashback storyline.

The actor is a genre veteran. Not only is he famous for his role as The Beastmaster, he also starred on the V miniseries and TV series. He even returned for the 2009 V reboot and has appeared on Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. And he is no stranger to the DC universe, having voiced Man-Bat /Dr. Kirk Langstrom in Batman: The Animated Series.

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While General Matthew Shrieve has existed in the DC Comics universe for 35 years, he has not appeared too often in recent story lines. His primary role was as the human leader of the WWII-era Creature Commandos, a military unit consisting of monsters based off Frankenstein, the werewolf, a vampire, and the gorgon. The character was most recently seen in three "Creature Commandos" animated shorts released earlier this year by Warner Bros. and DC. It is not known if the Creature Commandos themselves will be coming to Starling City. Though, they are mentioned in the character's bio for the show, so that isn't out of the question. We'll know for sure in 2015.

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