Following the shocking midseason finale for Arrow last night, The CW has released a trailer for the Season 3 midseason premiere, "Left Behind". Be warned, there will be a huge SPOILER if you didn't watch last night's episode, "The Climb", so read on at your own risk. There isn't much footage, but what you see may very well shock you if you aren't caught up with this DC Comics series.

Arrow's trailer for "Left Behind" is quite cryptic, as fans are taken back to the final scene of the midseason finale, where Matthew Nable's Ra's al Ghul (supposedly) kills Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell). All we see is Oliver laying lifeless on a ridge, with a mysterious voice proclaiming that "Oliver Queen is dead." We also see a figure approach Oliver's supposed "corpse," but who could it be?

Will this mysterious person be able to bring Oliver back to life? We have a sneaking suspicion that Oliver will somehow survive, since he is the show's main character, but how does he move on from here? Will he seek revenge for Ra's al Ghul leaving him for dead? We'll have those answers in just over a month. Check out the new footage from Arrow, and chime in with your thoughts on these new scenes below.