There is certainly no shortage of villains from the DC Comics that The CW's Arrow can use for Season 4, and today we've learned about one more enemy who was just cast. The Hollywood Reporter reveals that actor Jimmy Akingbola has signed on to portray Baron Reiter, a.k.a Baron Blitzkrieg in the upcoming season of Arrow. The actor will have a recurring role throughout the season and he will appear in the show's prominent flashback sequences.

In the DC Comics, Baron Blitzkrieg was a Nazi super-villain who formed the nefarious group Shadowspire. The group made their first appearance in Deathstroke #53, where they supplied South American drug cartels with weapons, intelligence, transportation and technology. Other members of the group included Steelhawk, Kodrescu, Mourn I and Mourn II, but it isn't known if the show is casting actors for these roles as well. It isn't known at this point how Shadowspire and Baron Blitzkrieg himself will be introduced in Starling City.

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Jimmy Akingbola joins a number of previously-confirmed actors for Arrow Season 4, including Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk, Alexander Calvert as Anarky and Echo Kellum as superhero Mister Terrific. The show's producers also hinted during Comic-Con that they are still trying to bring in Matt Ryan as John Constantine, even though his show was cancelled by NBC. The cast and crew also showed off the new costumes that will be worn by Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen and David Ramsey's Diggle this season.

The CW is also getting another superhero spinoff ready, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, which stars Caity Lotz as White Canary. The actress previously played Black Canary on Arrow before she was killed in the Season 3 premiere, but her character was resurrected through the Lazarus Pits, turning her into White Canary. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed earlier today that White Canary will be featured in the first few episodes, and Season 4's eighth episode, which is traditionally a crossover episode, will help set up DC's Legends of Tomorrow in several different ways.

This role on Arrow marks Jimmy Akingbola's second U.S. gig, following an episode of Sons of Liberty earlier this year. He is best known for roles in U.K. shows such as Holby City, Holby Blue and Rev. Are you excited to see Baron Blitzkrieg on Arrow this season? Or do you think they already have too many villains?