During Arrow's Hall H panel at Comic-Con this past summer, Stephen Amell showed off Oliver Queen's new costume to the crowd, while fans were also shown early concept art of the costume worn by Diggle (David Ramsey) in Season 4. As fans impatiently await the season premiere, "Green Arrow", debuting Wednesday, October 8 at 8 PM ET on The CW, Entertainment Weekly has our first look at David Ramsey's full costume, which, to a certain extent, resembles the Marvel character Magneto's costume. However, executive producer Marc Guggenheim reveals that Diggle himself doesn't view this outfit as a "costume."

"We try to be very consistent with our characterization. I don't think Diggle looks at it as a costume per se. Oliver, in the last season, gave him advice in terms of concealing his identity, and so Diggle approaches it from a very practical standpoint. He followed Oliver's advice and he's got a means of concealing his identity, but I think Diggle would probably react to anyone calling it a costume."
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The Season 3 finale, "My Name Is Oliver Queen", ended with Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) leaving Star City to start fresh, but it isn't known exactly where they went to, or when they will eventually return to their home city. It isn't known yet if Diggle will get a superhero alter-ego, but some have speculated that he could become the DC Comics character known as The Guardian. In the comics, The Guardian was a former cop who became a costumed vigilante, who had connections to a number of characters who are already established in the series, such as Arsenal (Colton Haynes), Atom (Brandon Routh) and Wildcat (J.R. Ramirez).

New characters slated to debut in Season 4 include Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk, Alexander Calvert as Anarky, Echo Kellum as superhero Mister Terrific and Jimmy Akingbola as the villainous Baron Blitzkrieg. Caity Lotz, whose character Black Canary was killed in the Season 3 premiere, will also make her return in a Season 4 episode of Arrow, where she will be reportedly brought back to life through the Lazarus Pit and resurrected as White Canary. There is speculation that this will happen in the same episode that Matt Ryan will guest star as John Constantine, since his character has expert knowledge of the Lazarus Pit.

There has also been speculation that DC Comics heroes Batman and Green Lantern will make appearances in Season 4, but that has yet to be confirmed. DC's Legends of Tomorrow character Hawkman, portrayed by Falk Hentschel, is set to appear in both Arrow and The Flash before DC's Legends of Tomorrow debuts next spring. What do you think of Diggle's new costume? Do you think it is too similar to Magneto's outfit, or do you think it stands on its own? Stay tuned for more photos and footage as we get closer to the Arrow Season 4 premiere on Wednesday, October 8 at 8 PM ET on The CW.

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