Arrow Season 3 is going to be a tough act to follow. It threw Stephen Amell's Green Arrow into a dark emotional conflict that resonated through every character, and it hit with a crater. Friendships were shattered, love was lost, and an ally was forced to flee. But everything ended on a somewhat happy note, with Ra's al Ghul being dispatched, allowing Oliver and Felicity Smoak to ride off into the sunset together, apparently set to never return to Star City, or the superhero lifestyle. But that happiness can't last forever, and Arrow Season 4 promises to be an even bigger game changer. Things could get so out of control that another iconic DC Comics character has to be brought in to help with the aftermath. Maybe.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim previously teased a lighter, funner tone for Arrow Season 4. And the heightened dizziness of it might allow for the first small screen appearance of Green Lantern. All throughout the previous three seasons of Arrow, and even in the spinoff series The Flash, Green Lantern's presence has been hinted at. There have been a few noticeable Easter Eggs. There was a Ferris Air teaser and a remark about a missing pilot, a pretty blunt reference to Hal Jordon. If nothing else, Green Lantern certainly exists in this universe. So, will we see him before Arrow Season 4 closes up shop next spring?

The Arrow Season 4 trailer is dropping soon. To get fans excited about its arrival, Marc Guggenheim has posted some production art. And it teases a big part of the DC universe that we haven't seen on Arrow yet. Welcome to Coast City. The town where Hal Jordan, the most well-known Green Lantern, hails from. Why come for a visit?

"In brightest day, in blackest night, come to Coast City, when money's tight."

Sounds like the type of vacation destination where you're likely to get stabbed while starring at dollar store hookers and sipping cheap, watered down cocktails. Is this where Oliver and Felicity wind up on their leave of absence from Star City? Seeing it become a part of the Arrow and Flash lexicon shouldn't be too surprising, as it's been mentioned a number of times on both CW shows. The Flash even ran there once to get pizza. But this new production art seems to tease the town's bigger presence in the over-all, ever-expanding storyline. Coast City shall certainly play a key role in upcoming episodes, possibly for both shows.

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Many fans have long championed the idea of Green Lantern showing up on Arrow or The Flash, and this seems to be proof that is happening. At some point. Maybe. The character does have quite a history with Green Arrow in the comic books, and they share an affinity for the same color scheme. But with Green Lantern Corps. happening in 2020, will Warner Bros. feature film side of things allow the TV side to have fun with these characters? Suicide Squad kept Harley Quinn away from Arrow, and it's said that The CW shows can't use Booster Gold either, because he is being 'groomed' for bigger things.

The Flash returns with all new episodes starting Tuesday, October 6th. It will be followed by the Arrow Season 4 premiere on Wednesday, October 7. Will we see Green Lantern this fall? Or will he merely be teased? However it turns out, we can rest assured that Hal Jordan exists somewhere out there in this CW universe

Green Lantern <strong><em>Arrow</em></strong> Season 4 Promo art
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