The CW brought its hit show Arrow to Comic-Con this year as a part of the Hall H panel DC Superhero Saturday Night, which also featured The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Fox's Gotham and CBS' Supergirl. Since production hasn't started yet on Season 4 of Arrow, no new footage was revealed, but fans did get plenty of insight into the new season during this three-hour event. The Arrow segment kicked off with Stephen Amell hitting the stage in his brand new costume, confirming that he will now be known as Green Arrow on the show. But that was just the start of an insightful panel.

Executive producer Geoff Johns confirmed a report from earlier this week that Neal McDonough will portray the villainous Damien Dahrk. Then executive producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed two more nefarious character that will make their debut in Arrow Season 4, Mr. Terrific and Anarky. Here's what the executive producer had to say at the panel.

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"We have a few. We have a gentleman who will be joining Damien, Batman fans known him as Anarky, we're really excited about it. One of the things that we like to do on Arrow, is tell the secret origins of various characters. You get to see how Roy Harper became Arsenal, you get to see how Laurel became the Black Canary. This year we want to introduce a new character to the universe, Mr. Terrific."

When pressed for more details about Mr. Terrific, Greg Berlanti said he has to work with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and he will be another LGBT character, since Mr. Terrific is gay. In the comics, there are two different versions of Mr. Terrific, Terry Sloane and Michael Holt, but it wasn't confirmed which version will be used in the show. Holt is featured in DC's New 52 reboot, so it's possible we may see this version, along with his T-spheres, A.I. devices that Holt controls through his mask and earpiece. As for Anarky, it's possible that his character could be based on the 2005 comic Anarky in the USA, where he squares off against Oliver Queen.

At the end of Season 3, Willa Holland's Thea Queen took up a costumed persona of her own, and the producers confirmed that her alter-ego will be dubbed "Speedy." Speaking of costumes, fans were shown concept art of the new costume David Ramsey will wear as Diggle, which you can see below. It was teased several times last season that Diggle will get a costume, and we'll see him suit up in the upcoming season, but it wasn't confirmed if that will happen in the season premiere, or later on. It wasn't confirmed if Diggle will get a new crime-fighting alias to go along with the costume, but the actor joked that he will be called, "Black Driver." Some have speculated that he could be called The Guardian, a DC hero who was a former police officer before becoming a costumed vigilante. In the comics, The Guardian had connections to Arsenal, Atom and Wildcat, but we'll have to wait and see if this is the route the show is taking. Check out the concept art for Diggle's costume, along with videos from last night's panel.