With production under way on Season 4 of The CW's hit series Arrow, we have already gotten a look at Team Arrow's new high-tech "cave." Earlier today, series star Paul Blackthorne, who plays Quentin Lance, revealed a photo from the set, which confirms that the name of Oliver Queen's hometown Starling City has been officially changed to Star City. The actor is seen holding up his new Star City Metro Police badge, with co-star David Ramsey (Diggle) in the background.

You may recall that, at Comic-Con last month, Arrow star Stephen Amell took to the stage, showing off his new costume, where he made a point to call Oliver's hometown Star City, not Starling City. During Season 3, Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) mentioned changing the Starling City name to Star City as part of a rebranding effort, since the city had been constantly under attack by numerous villains. Now it seems it will be the official city name in Arrow Season 4. We won't find out exactly why the name was changed until this new season debuts in October.

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In the comics, the name was changed after the city becomes destroyed by earthquake machines and literally resembled a star when viewed from above. It remains to be seen if that specific comic book arc will be adapted for the small screen, but it's certainly possible. This will be just one of many changes to the show, with Oliver (Stephen Amell) now going by Green Arrow instead of just Arrow, along with the addition of several new characters.

Other new casting additions this season include Neal McDonough as Season 4's main villain, Damien Darhk, alongside Alexander Calvert as Anarky, Echo Kellum as superhero Mister Terrific, Jimmy Akingbola as the villainous Baron Blitzkrieg, Jeri Ryan as Jessica Danforth, a new character that doesn't originate in the comics, and JR Bourne as Double Down. Another DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Hawkman (Falk Hentschel), will also first appear on Arrow before the midseason series airs. In what is shaping up to be a highly-anticipated event, Matt Ryan will guest star as John Constantine, reprising his title role from the now-canceled NBC series Constantine.

It is believed that John Constantine, who has expert knowledge of the Lazarus Pits, will be instrumental in the resurrection of Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), who will likely pop up in the fifth Season 4 episode alongside Matt Ryan. Her character was killed in the Arrow Season 3 premiere, but it has been confirmed that she will come back to life as White Canary in the midseason spinoff DC's Legends of Tomorrow. While we wait for more details about this resurrection, check out the latest photo from the Arrow Season 4 set below.