Yesterday, NBC devastated quite a few hardcore comic book fans when it officially confirmed that the network was /constantine-tv-show-cancelled-nbc/canceling Constantin instead of ordering a Season 2. But not all hope was dashed. Executive producer Daniel Cerone quickly hoped on Twitter, where he told everyone he was desperately trying to save the show by moving it to a different network or digital streaming service. Thus, the 'Save Constantine' initiative was born. And today, Arrow star Stephen Amell got in on the action by promising whoever picks up the canceled series that he will appear as Oliver Queen in a crossover episode that bridges the two DC Comics property.

While all of the Marvel movies and TV shows exist in the same cinematic universe, the same is not true for DC. The shows and movies seem to exist on different planes of reality, and then the various shows are spread out on various different networks. Arrow is currently running on The CW, while Constantine had a former home on NBC, making a crossover all but impossible. While its possible that there could be a crossover between Networks, the Networks haven't been too keen on the idea. Some believed there might be a crossover between The CW's Arrow and The Flash with Supergirl, since all three share producers, but CBS itself, which ordered Supergirl to series last week, is very against that idea.

Though, now with Constantine no longer at NBC, it seems like a crossover might be possible. And it seems like great incentive for anyone considering a series pick-up, as Stephen Amell is offering his services wherever it may land. Matt Ryan, who played Constantine on the series, also chimed in, as he is all for this proposed crossover, and wants to see the two lead characters team up on the small screen. In the comic books, Oliver Queen and John Constantine only ever met one time. Sandman creator Neil Gaiman, who sometimes used Constantine in that series, added Hellblazer as an extra in the 'Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?' story. Oliver and John shared a short scene, briefly interacting in a pub.

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Even though Stephen Amell is game for a Constantine crossover, don't get too excited about the prospects just yet. For it too happen, Constantine needs to find a new home. And then the two networks would need to reach an agreement on their use of the Arrow character. At this time, it's highly unlikely that The CW will pick up Constantine as it moves forward with their new spinoff series DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Take a look at the tweets:

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