The DC Comics universe is represented very well on the small screen, with CW's Arrow, The Flash, the new spinoff DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Fox's Gotham, CBS' upcoming Supergirl and TNT's Titans. Despite being on different networks, there were rumors that the Arrow could cross over into Supergirl, since they have the same producers, but Arrow star Stephen Amell wants to be able to cross over to other shows, revealing that he was actually on talks to guest star in Constantine, before it was canceled.

"There is an opportunity for interconnectivity with any DC television show that exists. Like, as an example, yesterday Constantine was cancelled. And there is...yeah, I know, it's's a good show, and it should come back. And it may come back, like there are various platforms where it could come back. Now, Constantine was an NBC show. I'm on The CW. I had had discussions with DC... so not NBC, not CW... but with DC Entertainment about guest starring on Constantine when it was still on the air. And that was and is still on the table. So we have The Flash, we have DC's Legends of Tomorrow, a new show which is directly connected to the Arrow universe, we have Supergirl... she got picked up, directed by my good friend Glen Winter, that pilot, I can't wait to see it, I'm sure it's going to be amazing, there's Gotham obviously, and I'm missing something... Titans, there you go. So again I wouldn't worry too much about the movie universe, because we have no shortage of options for me and other characters to populate."
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Stephen Amell explained how he was going to guest star as Oliver Queen/Arrow on NBC's Constantine.

"The reason that I was going to guest star on Constantine, at least the idea that we were throwing around was he's an expert when it comes to the Lazarus Pit, which is now something that is a part of and will continue to be a part of Arrow."

While it isn't known if Constantine will find a new home or not, the actor is behind the show getting a second chance.

"I think that all the support that it got, Geoff Johns at DC was supporting it, Jim Lee was supporting it, I think Grant [Gustin] was throwing a little weight behind it, as he should, because that dude is a heavy weight in the DC television universe. I don't know how it would play. I just think that it deserves an opportunity. I really do."

The actor also talked about how the movie DC Universe is still much separate from the movie universe, which has been known for quite some times.

"As of right now, the movie universe and the television universe are very, very separate. I mean we've seen Ezra Miller, who's going to play The Flash in one of the upcoming films, and even on the Suicide Squad, we have a whole slew of characters that are now representing the Suicide Squad. And the Suicide Squad is at least for the foreseeable future is not going to be featured on Arrow. So we're keeping those universes separate."