Arrow star Stephen Amell claims that his disgruntled neighbor defecated on his roof. No, this is not a joke. The actor took to social media to provide photographic evidence along with an explanation of the events leading to the bizarre revenge tactic. Relationships with neighbors can be hard to navigate, even when you're a big time TV star. Tensions can arise out of just about any situation when altercations have already happened previously, which Amell knows now through personal experience. He said this on his Twitter, which included a photo of the deed, which you can see here.

"Our next door neighbor has been illegally doing construction for 3+ years. Cass got upset with her after we did everything we could to be neighborly. Cass called her out multiple times on Memorial Day weekend. The next day she snuck into our backyard & shit on our roof."
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Stephen Amell alleges that his neighbor has "been illegally doing construction for 3+ years." Construction noises are not the most pleasant, and if the Arrow star is to be believed, three years is a long time to be hearing those noises, legal or otherwise. Anyway, Amell's wife Cass, had a few verbal altercations with the female neighbor, which apparently came to a head over Memorial Day weekend.

The photographic evidence that Stephen Amell posted is graphic, so consider yourself warned. Amell's post raises many questions with the first being, why the hell did he have to post about the incident on social media with an image? The second and most logical question has to revolve around how the Arrow star knew there was poop on his roof. Maybe he has a window viewing out on to his roof or balcony? The next question would have to be, how did his neighbor gain access to his roof without detection? Is she some kind of ninja?

The next set of questions focuses on the logistics of pooping on someone's roof. Did she actually defecate on the roof, or did she do it earlier into a bag to bring, or throw up there? Stephen Amell did not specify how he knew it was real human feces and not that of a raccoon or a giant possum. Whatever the case may be, this is a truly weird story and we are left with a lot more questions. As for Amell, this is just the icing on the cake of a pretty crummy few weeks.

Earlier this month, when the George Floyd tragedy occurred, Stephen Amell was accused of being racist by comic book writer Tee Franklin. She called the Arrow actor out on social media and he responded, requesting that they talk about it privately in a rather snarky way, which Franklin did not appreciate. "I'm not sure why your tone is condescending, but I'm not beat for it," she wrote. "That 'hope that makes you feel better' ain't it, Stephen. Nothing I do or say when I call out racism makes me feel better." She went on to claim that there are others who are willing to come forward with evidence of the actor's racism. If you'd like to check out Stephen Amell's Twitter evidence of his neighbor's revenge, you can do so above.