Welcome to today's edition of Nerd Alert, where we have all the quirky, nerdy news that you crave in one convenient spot. What do we have in store for you on this tremendous Tuesday? Real Fake History explores the aftermath of Marvel's The Avengers' Battle of New York, an industrious fan builds his own Iron Man arc reactor and Chris Hardwick auditions to be a part of the Fantastic Four. But first, an inflatable Minion causes a traffic jam and we find out who would win in a fight against Arrow and Hawkeye! So, sit back, relax and check out all that today's Nerd Alert has to offer.

Arrow vs. Hawkeye in Minute Match-Up

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Ismahawk has created a new Youtube series dubbed Minute Match-Up, where he puts pits various characters against each other in battle. This week we have dueling comic book archers, DC's Arrow and Marvel's Hawkeye, who sling insults and arrows at each other in this epic battle which features some impressive fight choreography. The next episode will find speedsters Quicksilver and The Flash going against each other, so stay tuned for that.

An Inflatable Minion Causes a Traffic Jam

An inflatable Minion that stood between 30 and 40 feet tall somehow broke free of its restraints and floated onto a highway in Dublin, Ireland, causing a traffic jam and irritating local residents. The only physical damage done by this errant Minion was one driver's rear view mirror was damaged. Authorities quickly deflated the Minion but it didn't take long for the photos to go viral. You just can't take Minions anywhere these days.

Real Fake History Tackles the Battle of New York in Marvel's The Avengers

It's Tuesday morning, so that means we have another episode of Machinima's Real Fake History. This week, the entertaining web series explores the human side of The Battle of New York in Marvel's The Avengers. We hear from "survivors," who skewer a few moments in the movie, like how Earth's Mightiest Heroes just stood around talking while the city was being destroyed. One survivor tells how Hulk came crashing through her office party and killed one of his co-worker. This was just one of 37 human deaths the Green Goliath is responsible for. Check back next week for Starcraft 2: Eugene vs. Jay.

How to Build Your Own DIY Iron Man Arc Reactor

Dustin McLean from Awe Me's DIY Prop Shop is back with another project this week, showing fans how to build their very own replica arc reactor from Iron Man. Using a few random items from the hardware store, such as a kitchen sink strainer and an LED tap light, this 10-minute video shows you how to make a convincing version of Tony Stark's arc reactor. The whole project cost under $30, so if you've ever wanted to build your own arc reactor prop, here is your chance to do so on a budget.

Chris Hardwick's Fantastic Four Audition *NSFW

Comedy Central has put together a hilarious video where Chris Hardwick "auditions" to be a part of the Fantastic Four. Stars Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell put the Singled Out and Talking Dead host through the ringer in this wonderful video, which ends with an awkward request.

Watch a Terminator Come to Life in Terminator Genisys *SPOILERS

If you've been wondering how the special effects wizards brought several different androids to life in Terminator Genisys, then you're in luck because Legacy Effects has a wonderful six-minute video that breaks down their whole process. The work they do is rather fascinating, as Legacy co-owner John Rosengrant explains how the technology has evolved throughout the franchise, and how they were able to re-create the 1984 version of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Stan Lee and Jim Henson Throw Down In Epic Rap Battle

Epic Rap Battles is back, pitting legendary artists Stan Lee and Jim Henson against each other in this hilarious five-minute video that takes an amazing twist halfway through. I won't spoil it for you, but trust me, it's incredible.

The 10 Most Beautiful Animated Movies Of All Time

Last month, Cinefix broke down the 10 most beautiful live-action movies of all time, so it's only fitting that their next list takes us through the most beautiful animated films. Classics such as The Lion King and WALL-E make the list, but there are a few surprising and obscure entries as well.

That wraps it up for today's Nerd Alert. Do you have any suggestions for future Nerd Alert columns? Hit us up on Twitter @MovieWeb and send us your suggestions, and it may even make it in the next edition. Check back tomorrow for the next installment of Nerd Alert.