I loved this film! Arthur and the Invisibles is one of the most enjoyable movies I've seen in years. I think Freddie Highmore is an amazing actor; to switch back from animation and real time, wow! The animation was awesome as well!! Half the time watching it, I forgot I was watching an animated film (at least the parts that were animated).

The film follows Arthur (Highmore); he has to save his family's farm from being bought out. Unfortunately, his only hope is to find a treasure his grandfather hid in the lawn of their farm. That means going underground to meet the Minimoys, an animated family who live under Arthur's farm.

What an amazing cast of voice characters; they all had their own distict characteristic. Even the small supporting roles like Snoop and Anthony Anderson were memorable roles; they play two partiers in the underground world! Madonna plays the beautiful Princess Selenia, Arthur's help on his mission. David Bowie is the evil Maltazard; he's trying to take over the underground.

At the beginning of the film, Arthur works on an irrigation system with straws; it turns out that is hurting the Minimoys (that comes back into play later in the film). I was wondering what the significance was going to be with that when he put them into the ground, and it all came full circle.

Arthur and the Invisibles is a great story! It's one of the best movies I've seen in years!

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