There has never been a better time to stay at home and binge-watch movies and television shows, and Bruce Campbell approves of people spending their quarantines at home watching Ash Vs. Evil Dead. Previously airing on Starz between 2015 and 2018, the show was unfortunately cancelled after three seasons on the network, but like the Evil Dead movies, it stuck around long enough to develop a cult following. As the complete series is now available on Blu-ray and can be streamed on Netflix as well, anyone who missed Ash vs. Evil Dead during the time it was on the air can take this opportunity to finally catch up with the show.

On Tuesday, a Bruce Campbell fan on Twitter tweeted about their quarantine, noting they were out of work until at least the end of April. "So much same old, same old & then we found Ash vs. Evil Dead on Netflix," the tweet reads, referring to the "highly recommended" series as a "nice surprise" and a "fun, entertaining show." After seeing the message, Campbell himself retweeted the post on Twitter, adding his seal of approval with this response: "Good call. The digital world cannot be quarantined!"

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Campbell is very well known for starring as legendary horror hero Ash Williams in the original horror Evil Dead movie trilogy from Sam Raimi. For years, fans had clamored for Campbell to reprise the role once more for a fourth Evil Dead movie, and they wound up getting more than they bargained for when Ash vs. Evil Dead was picked up as a series by the Starz network. With three full seasons, this gave us so much more of Campbell as Ash than fans were expecting, as disappointing as it was when the series came to a premature end with the conclusion of season 3. It'd be nice if there were enough people watching at the time to keep it on the air, but anyone late to the series will still have a great time watching the complete series.

For his part, Campbell seems to be in good health with no indications he's been exposed to the coronavirus, unlike so many other celebrities who've recently tested positive. Responding to a fan with another tweet on Twitter, Campbell confirms he's not sick with a photo from his point of view watching the beach. Another tweet posted on Tuesday shows Campbell bundled up and walking the beach with no other human beings in sight, with the actor saying in the caption, "Socially distant." Clearly, the Evil Dead star is not taking any chances by socializing with anyone at this dangerous time, preferring to stay isolated while watching the waves near his home.

The rest of us could learn a thing or two from the groovy one, as social distancing is one of the most important steps we should all be taking to slow the spread of COVID-19. Stay inside as much as necessary, keep your distance from others, always wash your hands, and watch Ash vs. Evil Dead on Netflix. This news comes to us from Bruce Campbell on Twitter.