Bruce Campbell is back, baby! Yes, after nearly 22 years away, Ashley Williams has returned to fight the Deadites once again in Starz's epic 10 episode first season of Ash Vs. Evil Dead. EW delivers the first official photo, which shows Bruce Campbell in his iconic blue shirt, covered in blood, ready to do battle with his legendary chainsaw hand. He is joined by his two new sidekicks, giving us a first look at Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo).

Bruce Campbell reprises his role as Ash, an aging stock boy at Value Stop who must face the demons of his past as humanity faces a very scary apocalypse. This time, he is getting the help of two co-workers, who will aid the man in saving the world. Apparently Ash hasn't bothered to change his clothes in the past two decades. About where he has been and what he has been up to, Bruce Campbell offers this explanation.

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qoute"Not much! He was perfectly happy doing basically nothing: telling lies about how he lost his hand in bars late at night. That was basically his MO. So, he's not really the guy who should be dealing with this right now. But...he is. He's our guy!"

Ash is actually the one responsible for accidentally unleashing the Evil Dead from their slumber. Creator of the franchise and director of the pilot episode Sam Raimi offers this bit of series' intel.

"He's the only one stupid enough to really tamper with those spirits. And he does. But he's also still a really good monster fighter. So, he's also going to be kicking some deadite buttocks, if you'll pardon the French."

Some view Ash as a dim-wit, but that will improve over the course of these first ten episodes, with a five-year plan already in place for Ash Vs. Evil Dead. Bruce Campbell likens the character's old age attributes to a true Hollywood legend.

"It's The Searchers with carnage and mayhem. I'm relegated a little bit into the John Wayne mode these days with my team-the young, virile, evil fighters who will pair up with Ash and take on this nemesis: this never ending, ever evolving nemesis."

Ash Vs. Evil Dead will be arriving at Comic Con 2015 with its star and creators in tow. The Q&A panel will take place Friday July 10th, 2015 in Room 6A at the San Diego Convention Center, from 6:00 - 7:00 PM. The first full-length trailer is expected to be unveiled. So, who's excited?

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