The pop star takes the mic in her first major role.

Ashlee Simpson walked into our interview room with blonde hair, a lace, see-through top and black bra, quite a site to see. I will say it's the most revealing I've ever seen her look.

She was also accompanied by Kip Pardue, who was wearing something not as memorable as what Ashlee was wearing.

They were there to promote their new film Undiscovered, but it soon became a question and answer with Ashlee and foriegn journalists trying to get a rumor or scoop.

We did get some interesting things about the movie and Ashlee's upcoming album, so check out my interview:

(directed towards Ashlee) So you went back to blonde! Was it recent?

Kip Pardue: Eh, I was just feeling like it. (lots of laughter)

Ashlee Simpson: No, I was just feeling like something new; here it is. I had black hair and I kept on getting blonde routes so I decided to go back to it naturally.

Do you prefer blonde?

Ashlee Simpson: Yeah; it is nice to dye your hair and have a little change and a wardrobe change, but I like my blonde hair.

What was the process of looking for that first movie?

Ashlee Simpson: I was looking for a movie where I wasn't the lead in it and a movie where I could go in and work with great actors, like Kip. I didn't want to have to carry this film, and I really liked Clea.

Is there a favorite scene that you latched on?

Ashlee Simpson: I really liked performing with Steven Strait; that was fun.

Kip Pardue: For me, I didn't come into this movie selling 3 million records and touring, so for me getting to perform was really a hoot. The scene where I get to sing Jungle Love wasn't bad. I had some foxy background dancers.

Do you prefer doing movies or singing?

Ashlee Simpson: I love doing movies and hopefully I'll be doing more in the future, but right now, I have a new album coming out.

Have you got any more roles lined up?

Ashlee Simpson: No, I'm going to go on tour and look at scripts for the future.

Where do you get your energy from?

Ashlee Simpson: I love performing so it's from there; but maybe it's because I'm 20, so it might go down soon. (laughing)

Kip, you were sort of the veteran actor on set, what was that like?

Kip Pardue: Well, I came into this movie thinking I'm doing a movie with Ashlee Simpson, who's doing her first movie, who's horrible (Kip laughs at Ashlee). But it's scary to think about doing a film with someone who's more well known as a singer; that preconceived notion was blown right out of the water as soon as she showed up on set. She was there to make the best movie we could make and so were all of us and that was really great. It is very strange for me to be in the position where I'm the veteran and it was nice that they thought about me that way. I hope I gave her good advice.

Ashlee Simpson: Of course!

Kip Pardue: And she really kicks ass in the movie! So, pretty much, that's my fault.

How do you compare yours and Jessica's music?

Ashlee Simpson: I'm writing my new album and she's writing her new album. Our sounds are different; mine's sort of rock/pop and hers has more of a grove to it.

Is this movie realistic to breaking into the movie industry from what you've seen?

Ashlee Simpson: Yes, I absolutely think so because it's hard and there are struggles and even when you have success, there are still struggles. I think it's very realistic.

Is it true that you didn't take a bath or a shower for a month during shooting?

Ashlee Simpson: Well, for about a week.

Kip Pardue: I am so glad I am just finding out about this; (laughter) I mean, we wouldn't have talked.

Ashlee Simpson: I just felt my character really didn't care about her appearance and how she looked, and what not, so I wanted to feel that way.

What's the status of another appearance on Saturday Night Live?

Ashlee Simpson: I would love to do it to perform; it would be fun to do it, just for myself. But I'd love to act and make fun of myself as well.

How was putting on the giant afro wig?

Kip Pardue: I've been in a couple movies where I've had extensions, but I don't like getting all the makeup on, sitting in the chair; I don't know how you guys do it. But it was a hassle, but we were able to keep it on my head.

And what about the thong; was that your choice?

Kip Pardue: Having the thong in there was scripted, but choosing which one was my choice; they gave me an array of thongs and I felt that the pink and green really reflected my feelings that day and it works quite well with film. (lots of laughing) And that was a legitimate thong, from Victoria's Secret.

What did you do to bond on the set?

Kip Pardue: There really wasn't that much time to hang out; it was pretty serious and we were there for a long time. I think whenever you hear about people who aren't used to making films, it seems like a cake walk, but we worked hard.

Undiscovered is in theaters now; it's rated PG-13.

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