Ashley Greene, best known as Alice Cullen in The Twilight Saga, takes on the much darker persona of Violet, a sociopathic gang member, in the new thriller Random. From Donkey Punch director Oliver Blackburn, this intense story follows a violent gang that targets a college student (Haley Bennett) left alone on campus during Thanksgiving break. The first photo has arrived, which offers a look at Ashley Greene's pierced and hooded Goth. Take a look, and then read on for more details about this edgy drama.

Random Ashley Greene Photo

About Violet's evil nature, Oliver Blackburn revealed that Ashley Greene's character is the most dangerous in this demented gang of college campus miscreants.

"She plays Violet, the worst of the lot."

Ashley Greene reveals that, while she was willing to get actual piercings for the role, the filmmakers decided to go with fake body art.

"I told them I'd be willing to get all the piercings. I think my mom is happy they're not real."