The Hulk: Submit a Question for Lou Ferrigno of The Incredible Hulk and enter to win something green!

Everything you wanted to know about THE INCREDIBLE HULK, but you were AFRAID to ask. Here's your chance! Ask Lou Ferrigno a question and be entered to win something GREEN.

To celebrate the release of the Original 2 Hour Series Pilot of The Incredible Hulk DVD on 6.03.03 we are giving a fans a chance to ask Lou Ferrigno a question.

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Curious fans are entered to win a grand prize of $603 to spend at their favorite online retailer when they submit a question for Lou Ferrigno.

5 fans who have their questions answered by Lou Ferrigno will also win prize packs. Originality Counts!

But whatever you do... DON'T MAKE HIM ANGRY!

All questions must be submitted by MAY 11TH, 3pm EST. We cannot guarantee your question will be selected, but we can guarantee they will all be passed on to THE INCREDIBLE HULK for consideration!


Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.