Master of disaster Roland Emmerich is being sought to direct the live-action video game adaptation Asteroids for Universal Pictures.

A mega-iconic video game from 1979, this Atari shooter followed the simple premise of a triangle shooting at large moving objects and UFOs. Transformers: Dark of the Moon's Lorenzo di Bonaventura is producing this new venture with a script from Race to Witch Mountain's Matt Lopez.

The storyline of Asteroids will take place after the destruction of Earth, and could be seen as a thematic follow-up to Roland Emmerich's previous sci-fi destruction epics Independence Day and 2012, which depict the decimation of our planet.

The heroes in Asteroids have struggled to survive in a far-flung colony on the outreaches of space alongside an alien force, learning to live within an asteroid belt. At first, the humans come to believe that the aliens are there to help them, but they soon realize that these beings are responsible for Earth's destruction, and don't plan on preserving what's left of the human race.

There is no production start date for Asteroids at this time.