Get a glimpse into the life of an elite basketball prospect in our exclusive clip from the documentary At All Costs, which debuted this week on iTunes and VOD formats. This clip shows the journey of one such prospect, at the Elite Guards camp run by NBA superstar Chris Paul, which is considered one of the best camps in the entire country. For young kids who dream of making it into the NBA one day, camps like these have become more important than ever.

At All Costs is a feature documentary that explores how the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) basketball machine has professionalized youth basketball in America. As the business of youth basketball balloons into a multi-billion dollar industry, the stakes for finding "the next big thing" have never been higher. The film follows blue-chip high-school recruits, their families and their AAU programs as they travel the country playing in marquee tournaments, competing against top-tier athletes, all fighting to make it to the next level.

The documentary from XLRator Media follows Parker Jackson Cartwright, a five-star point guard from Los Angeles, California. He burst onto the national scene in 2010 when UCLA offered him a full scholarship at just 14 years old. At All Costs follows Parker and his father, Ramon, as they navigate the various stages of his recruitment - following them as they travel the country playing at the marquee AAU events.

The film also features Etop Udo-Ema is the Founder/CEO of the Compton Magic, one of the nation's premier AAU programs. Etop has built the Magic into a perennial powerhouse, regularly placing several Compton Magic players in the NBA draft and dozens more in Division-1 programs around the country. One of the most powerful men on the AAU scene, the film profiles the inner-workings of the Compton Magic empire.

At All Costs examines the shifting nature of 'amateurism' in modern-day American sports, specifically exploring the cross-pollination between the NBA and AAU culture. From the genesis of 'super teams' to the question of 'what makes a pro,' which has become increasingly relevant in discussing the NCAA's legitimacy, this documentary examines where professional basketball truly begins in America. Take a look at our exclusive clip from At All Costs, before picking it up on iTunes and VOD formats.