A Star Wars fan in Parma, Ohio has transformed his front yard into a Hoth-like battlefield for Halloween with the addition of a massive, 2-story AT-AT walker that he built from scratch. Nick Myer, who built the AT-AT with some friends over one weekend, claims that he's not a Star Wars fanatic, but he has seen all of the movies and he did just put a 2-story tribute to the franchise in his front yard. As it turns out, Myer is more of a Halloween enthusiast who has been transforming the front of his house for the past 7 years.

It's nice to finally see some Halloween news that isn't about offensive costumes. Instead, Nick Myer just really, really loves Halloween and slightly likes Star Wars enough to build a massive AT-AT on his front lawn. According to Meyer, he began collecting the necessary materials back in April of this year and then knocked out the construction over the weekend with some buddies. The team used wood, hard foam, plastic barrels, and a ton of grey paint to construct the iconic vehicle that was first seen in The Empire Strikes Back.

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Obviously, a giant AT-AT walker out in the neighborhood has gained some pretty intense foot traffic and visitors from all over Ohio. Many Star Wars fans have taken to social media to share their pilgrimage to the Hoth land, with some even getting into character, dressing as Imperial Stormtroopers and standing next to the mighty Imperial armored transporter from Episode V. Miraculously, Nick Myer's wife and neighbors fully approve of the AT-AT walker and don't seem to mind all of the attention that the Halloween display is gaining.

Nick Myer's wife Becky claims that she "loves it" and his neighbors have said that this year isn't actually as crazy as some of the past Halloweens. Past projects in celebration of All Hallows' Eve have included a pirate ship built off his front porch, a mausoleum, and a replica of the cabin from the slasher horror classic Friday the 13th. Myer isn't the only resident in Parma, Ohio to get excited for Halloween. A family a few miles from the AT-AT built a giant digging machine that appears to be dragging demons out of their driveway that reportedly took 6 weeks to fully construct.

Nick Myer and family will continue their Halloween tradition for as long as they are able and are even thinking about starting a suggestion box for next year's mammoth undertaking. Until then, Star Wars fans from in and around the Ohio area are welcome to come check out the 2-story AT-AT walker and take as many pictures as they like. The Imperial transport vehicle comes at the perfect time since The Last Jedi is now less than 2 months away from hitting theaters. You can check out some pictures of the giant AT-AT walker via Cosmic Syzygy's Twitter account below.