Atari has officially announced their plans to build video game themed hotels across North America. The trail blazing video game giant has a new console on the way, which has seen its setbacks since its initial announcement in 2017. However, the new console, titled VCS, is expected to launch this year as they break ground on their first hotel in Phoenix, Arizona. The company has inked a licensing agreement with GSD Group, the real estate developer True North Studio, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniack's Woz Innovation Foundation for the development of several more hotels.

While the Atari brand plans to break ground in Arizona this year, there is currently no timetable for the other planned locations, which include Austin, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle. The company already has a website up to allow video game fans to become members. The membership currently promises exclusive promotional "offers on hotel stays, events, apparel, and more." You can read an excerpt from the press release below.

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"Atari, a trailblazer in the gaming industry, is pioneering an exciting new concept: a unique lodging experience combining the iconic brand with a one-of-a-kind video game-themed destination. Atari Hotels level up hotel entertainment with fully immersive experiences for every age and gaming ability, including the latest in VR and AR (Virtual and Augmented Reality). Select hotels will also feature state-of-the-art venues and studios to accommodate esports events."

Aside from the mockups and a brief description, it's unclear exactly what the Atari hotels will be all about. We do know that the experience will include a state of the art eSport studio, an Atari gaming playground, meeting and event rooms, co-working spaces, restaurants, bars, a bakery, a movie theatre and a gym. The new hotels are targeted at family or business travelers, "providing a luxurious, relaxed and one-of-a-kind experience." It sounds like a one-stop shop for video game fans and their families, which could go over pretty well.

Atari is an internationally known brand and one would be hard pressed to find someone who has never heard of the video game company. However, will that translate into hotel guests coming and going? It seems like a pretty big gamble, but if pulled off right, these hotels could go on to blow up in the near future. For now, it seems like the Phoenix location will be the guinea pig for the rest of the locations.

With the long-awaited new console on the way this year and the first hotel construction beginning, Atari is set for a pretty big comeback after some trouble over the years. The Atari VCS console is set to run on a Linux operating system and has the capability to play the current generation video games, along with streaming platform capabilities. The system will come with classic Atari games pre-loaded on it. For news announcements, you can head over to the official Atari Hotels website.

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