Entertainment One Films International (eOne Films International), in conjunction with WME GLOBAL, Ego Film Arts and The Film Farm, is proud to announce the US sale of The Captive to A24, in partnership with DirecTV. Directed by acclaimed Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan (

Chloe{FImCSmmsdOXxqo, Ararat), and written by Atom Egoyan and David Fraser, the film is based on an original story by Atom Egoyan. The film is produced by Egoyan, Simone Urdl, Jennifer Weiss and Stephen Traynor. A24 will release the film this fall.

Said Atom Egoyan,

"On behalf of my team, we are delighted that A24 will release The Captive in the US. I am impressed with the caliber of films and campaigns they have recently worked on and I look forward to collaborating with them to reach an American audience."

Said Harold van Lier, President, eOne Films International,

"A24 is an extremely exciting company right now with a very smart vision of the future. Despite other serious offers on the table, they demonstrated the level of passion and commitment that we were looking for. We look forward to celebrating Atom Egoyan's film in Cannes with A24 and our other distribution partners around the world."

In The Captive, which stars Ryan Reynolds, Scott Speedman, Rosario Dawson, Mireille Enos, Kevin Durand and Bruce Greenwood, a pick-up truck pulls off the highway at a diner. Confident that his young daughter is safe in the back seat and promising to return with ice cream, the father slips out of his truck and into the diner. When he returns, she is gone. The psychological thriller examines how this kidnapping destroys the relationships among those involved. As the film teases out the complex threads weaving together the victim, her family, the predators and the investigators, the mystery of what happened to the child is revealed. The Captive is a riveting thriller about the lengths people go to protect the people they love.

Says A24,

"We are huge fans of Atom Egoyan and are excited to be working with him on this incredible achievement. The narrative is gripping and the cast is superb. We are looking forward to working with eOne and are excited for audiences to see have the chance to discover this film."

In addition to handling worldwide sales of the film, eOne will be directly distributing The Captive in Canada and the UK.

A24 brokered the deal with WME GLOBAL on behalf of eOne and the filmmakers.