Atomic Blonde 2 is in the works. Charlize Theron has been taking on more action-heavy roles during this period of her career, with projects like Mad Max: Fury Road and a villain turn in The Fate of the Furious under her belt. But she got the chance to start her very own action franchise with Atomic Blonde last year and that's exactly what she's done, as the spy thriller is getting the sequel treatment, according to Theron.

The 42-year-old actress is currently promoting her upcoming movie Tully, which is about as far from the world of action movies as one can get. During a recent interview, she was asked about the possibility of Atomic Blonde 2 happening. While she couldn't offer much in the way of details at the moment, she did say, "We're working on a sequel." Short, sweet but to the point. Assuming all goes well in the development process, that means we're getting another round of Charlize Theron doing her spy business.

The first Atomic Blonde introduced us to Charlize Theron's character Lorraine Broughton, who is the most elite spy in MI6, even though James Bond might have something to say about that, if those movies took place in the same universe. The movie takes place during 1989 and she has to use all of her lethal skills to stay alive during a difficult mission. The movie has a lot of twists and turns along the way and, like many classic spy movies, it's a little muddy, but the action was absolutely on point. Anyone who saw Atomic Blonde in theaters knows that the stairwell fight was easily one of the best things to happen in a movie theater last year.

Much of that had to do with the fact that the movie was directed by David Leitch, one of the co-directors of the first John Wick. Even if, for whatever reason, you're not a fan of John Wick, it's unquestionably one of the most well-executed action movies in recent memory and Leitch brought those sensibilities to Atomic Blonde. He also landed the gig directing Deadpool 2, so he's become an in-demand director. Hopefully, when Atomic Blonde 2 is actually ready to roll, Leitch can find time to come back and direct.

Atomic Blonde wasn't a blockbuster, but it did well at the box office. Working from a budget of $30 million, the movie grossed $95 million worldwide, making it reasonably profitable. And the ending of the first movie left plenty of room for a sequel. There's even been a little talk of a possible crossover with the John Wick universe, but that doesn't actually seem too likely. As of right now, there's no indication as to how far along Atomic Blonde 2. Is it something that the studio is just talking about? Is the script actually being worked on? There's no real way of knowing right now, but Charlize Theron isn't as young as she used to be and if the sequel is as physically demanding as the first movie, the studio may want to get the lead out on this one. This news comes to us courtesy of Indie Wire. The topper art comes from The Killer Marcos Nogueira.

Ryan Scott