Charlize Theron has confirmed that Atomic Blonde 2 is moving forward. The actress previously made brief comments about the possible sequel, but during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Theron made it clear that she is going to step back into the spy world. There are surely a lot of moving parts and the studio hasn't officially announced the project, but Theron would most certainly know if such a thing were happening. Here's what she had to say about it.

"We are definitely developing an Atomic Blonde 2."
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The topic came up as a result of Charlize Theron being asked once again about her possibly taking over the role of James Bond in the future. Once Daniel Craig retires following James Bond 25, someone else will have to take up the 007 mantle and Theron has been a popular suggestion. She calls the suggestion of her taking on the role flattering, but doesn't seem to be genuinely interested, nor does it seem like something that has a realistic shot at happening. Instead, she offered the news of Atomic Blonde 2, which in ways could be better.

While Hollywood has been trending toward gender-bent remakes or things of that sort, Charlize Theron has managed to create a new, original franchise with a strong female lead. In the wake of John Wick, director David Leitch took his action directing chops to the Cold War era and crafted something with the same level of visual thrill, but inside of a totally different type of story. There's no word on if Leitch will be back for Atomic Blonde 2, but he helped launch a new franchise, as opposed to just tweaking an existing idea for a female lead.

There has been a major push in recent years to not only have women treated as equals in Hollywood, but to have much more balanced representation across the board. That becomes easier for studios to get on board with when they can be certain money will follow. In the cast of Atomic Blonde, that worked out. The movie made $95 million worldwide from a budget of $30 million. This could wind up being a John Wick situation where more people discover the first movie when it's on home video and the sequel does even better as a result.

Critics and fans weren't unanimously in favor of the first Atomic Blonde, as it carries a 77 percent approval rating from critics and a 64 percent audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but that's a lot more positive than negative. Atomic Blonde 2 doesn't yet have a release date and it sounds like it could be in the earlier stages of the development process. It could give Charlize Theron something to do while we impatiently wait for the Mad Max: Fury Road sequel to actually happen, which is currently being delayed due to a legal battle. You can check out the clip of Charlize Theron, courtesy of the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen YouTube channel, for yourself below.