The saga that is Austin Powers 3 continues. The MPAA has denied New Line Cinema to use Goldmember as the subtitle to the upcoming Austin Powers sequel. MGM and UA are thrilled, of course, since this now provides a door into objecting material in the film itself. "We are gratified that the title issue has been resolved in our favor and we intend to vigorously protect our other intellectual property rights in this matter." said a MGM spokeman. Why is MGM so dead set against New Line using the title? Maybe MGM is just pissy that Mike Meyers wouldn't revive their dead Pink Panther franchise... (Source: Reuters)

Goonies 2: Meanwhile, in a class about himself at a film school, director Steven Speilberg confirmed that pre-pre-production work had started on Goonies 2, and the entire cast would return. This time their adventure will involve their kids. I just hope they don't bring Sloth back. The original actor who portrayed Sloth, John Matuszak, died of heart failure in 1989. But who am I kidding? Sloth is the most popular Goonie! Of course he'll be back, played by someone else. Do I have a shirt with the cast on it? Of course not, I've got a shirt with Sloth on it, pulling open his shirt to reveal theSuperman insignia, with his name in a Superman style font. (Source: Aint It Cool News)

Rollerball: For you lady geeks out there (ya, both of you), check out the javascript:void(0|Rollerball poster. It seems stars LL Cool J and Chris Klein are having a Battle of the Bulges. "We took a picture and did nothing to it," an MGM exec tells TV Guide. "If there is a protrusion in his pants, then lucky LL. We cannot take credit for anything in LL's pants. That achievement can only be claimed by LL himself, or his parents I guess." LL Cool J says "From what I can see, [co-star] Chris Klein's bulge was bigger."