It's been nearly two decades since we last saw the International Man of Mystery grace the big screen, but Austin Powers 4 is still in the cards. While nothing is officially in the works yet, it's something director Jay Roach and Mike Myers discuss frequently, and it's just a matter of hammering the right story down. That would indeed be groovy, baby.

I recently had the chance to speak with Jay Roach in honor of his latest movie Bombshell, which recently arrived on Blu-ray. During the conversation, I asked Roach about Austin Powers 4, given that I personally feel the James Bond spoof would fit in well in today's political climate. Here's what Roach had to say about it.

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"We talk about it once a month, but until we know what it specifically wants to be. I don't disagree that there is a classic battle in the Austin films, that of sort of love versus fear and paranoia, and color versus colorlessness, and music versus fear. Dr. Evil, there are some aspects of the way the world works right now that seem very Dr. Evil-y to me. I'll just put it that way. But no, we don't have a specific plan for anything right now."

Talk of Austin Powers 4 has been going on for roughly a decade. The last movie in the series, Austin Powers in Goldmember, hit theaters back in 2002. Mike Myers, in the years since, has had success as the voice behind the Shrek franchise and has starred selectively in movies, such as The Love Guru, Inglorious Basterds and Bohemian Rhapsody. Speaking further, Jay Roach said he's rooting for it to come back, but ultimately it's going to be up to Myers.

"I root for it too. I root for it to come back, and so does Mike. We all have for a long time, it's just always been, when the right story comes up and we know what it is, and that's pretty much up to Mike."

Mike Myers wrote all three movies in the series and starred as the shagadelic spy, Austin Powers. Myers also played several other key characters, including Dr. Evil and Fat Bastard. Goldmember left the door open for more, as Seth Green's Scott had essentially taken up his father's mantle, vowing to get revenge on Austin.

To date, the three Austin Powers movies grossed $676 million at the global box office. That's even more impressive when considering the first entry was a more modest success, taking in $67 million. But word of mouth propelled the sequels to major financial success. The question is if New Line Cinema sees money in Austin Powers 4 all these years later. At the very least, it sounds like something Jay Roach and Mike Myers want to do, given the right situation. For now, you can check out Roach's latest Bombshell, which is available now on Digitial HD and Blu-ray/DVD from Lionsgate.