Director Michael Bay has revealed the debut of Hound, one of the new Autobots that will be making an appearance in Transformers 4. Check out the tactical vehicle from Oshkosh Defense, makers of giant trucks and children's clothing.

Transformers 4 Hound Photo
The always rugged and reliable Hound, one of the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles from Oshkosh Defense."
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Hound Transformers 4
Hound wishes he were human. The dark, barren metalscapes of Cybertron no longer interest him. Now that Hound has been shipwrecked on Earth, he considers this planet his home. He sees humankind as beautiful and wishes he could interact with their ecosphere the same way they do, to feel what they feel and to see what they see.

He treasures his job as an Autobot scout, making good use of his ability to project holograms for added disguise. He uses this opportunity to explore the breathtaking caverns and mountainous expanses that Earth provides. He's a meek, benevolent soul, even compared to his fellow Autobots. He gets along with the more blood-thirsty of their ranks but not the most blood-thirsty of their ranks."