20th Century Fox has revealed the newest cast members of Avatar 2 and the other Avatar Sequels, who recently explored Pandora The World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom for inspiration. Concurrent production began in Manhattan Beach, CA on Monday, September 25th on the four sequels, the first of which will be released December 18, 2020. The new photos reveal members of the Sully family, members of the Metkayina Clan and a former Hell's Gate Adolescent.

The Sully Family includes Jamie Flatters as Neteyam (neh-tay'-ahm) Jake and Neytiri's first born son, Britain Dalton as Lo'ak (loh' ahk), Jake and Neytiri's second born, with Trinity Bliss playing Tuktirey: (took-tee'-ray), who goes mostly by "Tuk" (rhymes with "nuke"), the youngest of the Sully family. The Metakyina Clan cast members include Bailey Bass as Tsireya (see-ray'-ah), who goes by "Reya." This character is described as a graceful and strong free-diver, the young Neytiri of the ocean. Filip Geljo plays Aonung (aw-nung'), a young male hunter/free-diver son the Olo'eyktan of Metkayina Clan, with Duane Evans Jr. playing Rotxo (row'-txoh), a young male hunter/free-diver of the Metkayina.

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The final new cast member revealed in these photos is Jack Champion as Javier "Spider" Socorro, a human teenager, born at Hell's Gate but prefers his time in the Pandoran rainforest more than the asphalt of Hell's Gate. Entertainment Weekly also confirms that the Metakyina Clan reside on "giant oceanic atoll reefs" who are lead by Tonowari, played by Cliff Curtis. EW also caught up with producer Jon Landau, who confirms that these young stars will have major roles to play in all of the Avatar Sequels.

"We never had this youthful element before, and that brings a different kind of energy to the film. They represent the future generation of Pandora and play a very significant role, not just in this movie but throughout all the movies."

We reported yesterday that the Avatar sequels will cost $1 billion, with James Cameron also revealing in a recent interview in The Hollywood Reporter how the production will play out over all four movies. With four movies being shot concurrently, many have been curious how the director will pull this off, but it isn't as complex as one would think. Here's what he had to say below.

"Avatar 2 and 3 will be captured together and then [go through postproduction] sequentially. Then we go back and capture 4 and 5. They're all written and they're all designed, so we literally hit the ground running the day after Avatar 3 comes out, starting capture on 4 and 5 and then post on those and release those. That's the plan. So, it's kind of a two-and-two structure."

Avatar 2 will hit theaters December 18, 2020, followed by Avatar 3, which now arrives on December 17, 2021. There will be a break before the final two movies, with Avatar 4 premiering three years later on December 20, 2024. The wait won't be as long for the final installment Avatar 5, which hits one year later on December 19, 2025. Take a look at the new photos for Avatar 2 as production continues on these massive sequels, along with the first photo from the set, courtesy of Stephen Lang.