Following Avatar once again reclaiming the crown as the highest-grossing movie of all time, producer Jon Landau has now shared our first look at legendary martial arts actress Michelle Yeoh in director James Cameron's upcoming sci-fi sequel, Avatar 2. Captioning the image, which shows Yeoh demonstrating her hand-to-hand combat skills with the director, Landau writes "Michelle Yeoh kept Jim busy between set-ups while filming Avatar 3!"

Despite being cast as human scientist Dr. Karina Mogue back in 2019, this is the first we have seen of Michelle Yeoh in the movie. While she is once again showing her penchant for martial arts in the new image, since she is playing a scientist, there is no reason to think her role in the movie will involve any fighting, but this could be a hint that her character's talents will lie beyond the laboratory...

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Also seen in the image is actor Giovanni Ribisi, who will reprise the role of the somewhat conflicted corporate administrator for the RDA mining operation, Parker Selfridge, from the first movie. While his role in the rest of the franchise is currently unknown, this is at least visual confirmation that he will appear in at least one of the upcoming sequels.

Audiences have been waiting years for these follow-ups, with production on the Avatar sequels set to continue for some time yet as Cameron shoots the first two back-to-back, followed by simultaneous production on both Avatar 4 and Avatar 5. The schedule has been so confusing in fact, that star Kate Winslet was often left confused as to which sequel she was filming for. "I lost track of how many he [Cameron] is making at once," the Oscar winning actress said. "I did two at once, in tandem with him. All my work was in 2018... It's an extraordinary experience. You go into this huge aircraft hanger and anything is possible. You want to fly today? You want to do some spear fighting underwater? Sure, we'll do it. It was wonderful for me to be a part of such a well-oiled machine, with such great artists and technicians."

While plot details for Avatar 2 remain wrapped in secrecy, one thing we have known for the longest time about the return to Pandora is that it will be delving into the deep and exploring the mysterious underwater world of the alien planet.

Landau has previously revealed a few details regarding the direction of the Avatar sequel saying, "This is the story of the Sully family and what one does to keep their family together. Jake and Neytiri have a family in this movie, they are forced to leave their home, they go out and explore the different regions of Pandora, including spending quite a bit of time on the water, around the water, in the water. I think, why do people turn to entertainment today, more so than ever? I think it's to escape, to escape the world we're in, to escape the other pressures they have in their lives."

Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 have now completed principal filming, and are scheduled to be released on December 16, 2022, and December 20, 2024, respectively. Avatar 4 and Avatar 5 are scheduled to be released on December 18, 2026, and December 22, 2028. This comes to us from Jon Landau's official Instagram account.