Avatar 2 director James Cameron and producer Jon Landau arrived in Wellington, New Zealand over the weekend. Production on the highly anticipated sequel is about to restart, but the cast and crew have to go through one more hurdle. Cameron and 54 other passengers took a direct 13-hour flight from LAX on Friday evening. Production on Avatar 2 had to stop back in the middle of March when most of the world shut down for obvious reasons.

Now that they have landed in New Zealand, the entire flight has to quarantine for 14 full days. So, it's going to be around 2 more weeks before Avatar 2 is able to start up full production again. New Zealand took the health warnings very seriously from the start and, according to their government, they are out of the woods, which is why they have started to allow travel and movie productions to start up again. New Zealand still has a travel ban, but James Cameron, Jon Landau, and the "foreign crew elements used a border exemption clause for foreigners considered of 'significant economic value.'"

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Avatar 2 is already receiving economic boosts from New Zealand, which is in turn helping the local economy. Having James Cameron and crew in the country is definitely a big boost, so it's very much a win/win type of situation. Plus, Cameron isn't just tackling one sequel here. We're talking about another 3 movies after Avatar 2. This is a huge boost for New Zealand and a great financial deal for the studio and Cameron, who is hoping to reclaim his crown at the top of the global box office.

New Zealand has a number of safety protocols in place, which Avatar 2 will have to follow. In the United States, cities and states are trying to figure out a smart way to reopen Hollywood productions, along with local businesses. So far, it has not been an easy road and the future looks a bit bumpy at the moment. The goal is to have movie theaters open next month, which still may or may not happen at this time. It would seem that getting movie theaters open would have to happen before productions are able to start up again. The U.K. is also looking to start Hollywood productions up again, meaning that Matt Reeves' The Batman can get back to work soon.

James Cameron doesn't think that Avatar 2 will be delayed due to its brief vacation. Whatever the case may be, there's still a whole 2 weeks to go before they can officially start work on the highly anticipated sequel. Hopefully Cameron and Jon Landau will provide some more behind-the-scenes images to keep everybody entertained and up to date on the new production start dates. You can check out some images of Landau and Cameron landing in New Zealand above, thanks to Jon Landau's Instagram account.