Kate Winslet was able to beat Tom Cruise's underwater filming record without even knowing it. The actress reteamed with Jim Cameron for the first time since they worked on 1997's Titanic on the upcoming Avatar 2. Cameron is pushing the technological envelope to again in order to dazzle moviegoing audiences, though he demanded a lot from his actors to help achieve these new feats. For Winslet and the rest of the cast and crew, it meant spending a lot of time underwater.

Tom Cruise went through some extensive training to hold his breath underwater in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation. Cruise was able to get up to 6 and a half minutes, which was considered to be the record for underwater breath-holding on screen. However, that has all changed, thanks to Kate Winslet's training for Avatar 2. In a recent interview, she was asked what it was like to hold her breath for 7 minutes and 14 seconds. Kate Winslet had this to say.

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"It's so funny because I don't really read reviews or media things. I'm not on Instagram, like I'm just completely disconnected from that part of my life. So all of this week and the week before, I've had people coming up to me at work saying, 'Oh my God, like seven minutes and 14 seconds? Like, what?!' And I'm going, 'What? Hang on, wait a minute. How do you know that?'"

Kate Winslet didn't know how her record got out there, since she had previously only said "over 7 minutes" in previous interviews. The actual time was posted on the official Twitter page for Avatar 2 in October. "It was brilliant and I was very proud of myself and I'll probably never be able to do it again," Winslet said. "That came at the end of four weeks-worth of quite intense training and it was in the dive tank, it was in the training tank. But I loved it."

For Kate Winslet and the rest of the actors in Avatar 2, the underwater experience was a valuable one. When it comes down to it, doing new and unexpected things that has proven to be "one of the things I love about the job," says the actress. "We're very, very lucky as actors that often we have to learn a whole new skill." Now, Winslet can show off her new skills at pool parties or possibly in the ocean.

Tom Cruise has yet to respond to Kate Winslet breaking his underwater filming record, but he is going to space for a movie. Not a lot of people are willing to leave Earth in order to perform in a movie, so it's going to be a minute before the world catches up to Cruise and his never ending quest to freak out his co-stars and studio insurance companies. The interview with Winslet was originally conducted by Entertainment Tonight.