Production is currently underway on Avatar 2, and some details are finally starting to trickle out. It was announced back on August that Stephen Lang will be returning to reprise his villainous role of Colonel Miles Quaritch for all 4 of the sequels. Many believed that Quaritch was dead, but that's obviously not the case, since Lang is back, and for a lot more movies. In a new interview, Stephen Lang reveals that Avatar 2 will be similar to the first movie, but on "steroids" and that it will mostly take place underwater.

Stephen Lang is currently out promoting Braven, but he was asked about the upcoming Avatar 2 project with James Cameron. The actor was tight-lipped about details, but he did reveal that they were filming, and that Cameron is pushing some major technological boundaries, which was to be expected. When asked about the technological aspects, Lang brought up the aspect of underwater motion capture. He had this to say.

"Well, in ways that are probably too numerous or too, kind of, complex or too subtle for me to even articulate right now. I mean, look it's no secret that we're doing a lot of underwater motion capture, which, in itself is groundbreaking, it just hasn't been done."

Additionally, Stephen Lang was prodded further after he revealed that filming was underway. Again, the actor was tight-lipped, but he did offer a pretty interesting quote about the highly anticipated sequel. Knowing there wasn't much that he could say, Stephen Lang gave a short and succinct answer that will undoubtedly excite Avatar fans. He explains.

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"It's in many ways reminiscent of Avatar, but it's kind of Avatar on steroids."

We've known about the water aspect of Avatar 2 for quite some time now, but for some reason the idea of the first movie bulked up and underwater sounds pretty interesting. At the very least, we'll know that we're going to be seeing some groundbreaking visuals mixed with some never-before-seen underwater motion capture. James Cameron is continuing his fascination with water for Avatar 2, but it isn't clear if all 4 of the new movies will be focusing on the underwater element or if we'll see a return to land.

It's been so long since the first movie that any updates on Avatar 2 are welcome and something to get excited about. Stephen Lang is back and excited to be in the project after he first tried working with Cameron back in 1986 for Aliens, but he didn't make the cut. However, the director remembered him and suggested that he try out for the part of Colonel Miles Quaritch and the rest is history. You can read the rest of the interview with Stephen Lang where he talks about what we can expect from Avatar 2 over at Screenrant.

Kevin Burwick