AvatarHome video consumers were still favoring Pandora over all other contenders in its second week on the shelves. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Avatar repeated as the top-selling DVD and top-selling Blu-ray for the second week in a row.

Again, Avatar dismantled the competition with the closest release far behind in sales. New release It's Complicated came in second place on both the DVD sales and Blu-ray sales charts, but they were distant second place finishes. It was said that the It's Complicated DVD sold only 25% of the units Avatar sold last week and the It's Complicated Blu-ray sold a meager 6% of what the Avatar Blu-ray sold. It was said that this week, Avatar's BD sales accounted for an impressive 42% of the total sales, down slightly from last week's 49% mark. It's Complicated Blu-ray accounted for just 10% of that title's total sales last week.

It's Complicated did come away with a win on the rental charts, however, with Avatar in second place, generating 78% of the rental revenue It's Complicated accumulated. The only other new release to crack the top 10 this past week was Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, which took fifth place on the sales charts and seventh place on the rental charts in its debut week.

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