Avatar Poster

The film reached the impressive tally in an equally-impressive 32 days, shattering the 45-day mark set by The Dark Knight in the summer of 2008. Avatar's Friday-Sunday tally of $41.3 million set a record for the highest fifth-weekend gross and the film's estimated $54.6 million gross over the four-day Martin Luther King holiday weekend broke the MLK Weekend record, previously held by Cloverfield, which grossed $46.1 million over the four-day frame.

Avatar's worldwide gross now stands at $1.64 billion, and it seems likely by the weekend that the film will likely pass The Dark Knight's $533.3 million to be the second-highest grossing film of all time domestically, behind Cameron's Titanic at $600.8 million. It seems Avatar will eclipse those records, along with Titanic's worldwide record of $1.84 billion.

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We'll be sure to keep you posted as soon as we hear about any of these box office records falling so stay tuned.