In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, James Cameron and Fox are talking about rereleasing Avatar primarily in 3D theaters late this summer. There is even some discussions about adding additional scenes that weren't in the film when it was released this past December.

Cameron and the studio are talking about a rerelease because they think they could have brought in even more money if they been able to keep the digital and Imax 3D screens that they gave up when Disney brought out Alice in Wonderland in 3D on March 5.

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It looks like as much as 40 minutes of additional material that wasn't in the theatrical cut could be in this new version.

Cameron has stated that he had 10-12 minutes of extra scenes that he took out and they could quickly be put through postproduction and be ready to add to a director's cut for another theatrical release. It could also be an extra on the eventual DVD release.

Imax theaters only allow for 170 minutes in analog. Cameron didn't know about this when he put together his original cut. He could put in 10 minutes to the 160-minute film and still be in all the Imax locations. Many feel this is more plausible than than trying to add 40 minutes.

Avatar has pulled in more than 80% of its domestic business in 3D theaters. This actually represented less than half of its runs. Avatar has grossed $2.6 billion worldwide. It expanded 3D globally and broke records everywhere.

"The word we're getting back from exhibitors is we probably left a couple hundred million dollars on the table as a result." Cameron said.

The director went on to talk about the 3D release of Titanic. This had been talked about for some time but Cameron actually gave a release time frame.

"We're targeting spring of 2012 for the release (of a 3D version of Titanic), which is the 100 year anniversary of the sailing of the ship."