Avatar will unleash a new special edition DVD and Blu-ray in November, reportedly on November 16, which hasn't been confirmed by Fox as of this time. Bleeding Cool has a new update on some of the special features that will be found on the special edition, and one of those features will be test footage from the never-made movie Brother Termite.

The site reports that back in 2002, James Cameron was planning on adapting Brother Termite from Patricia Anthony's novel. The movie was said to be an alien invasion project and James Cameron shot test footage using performance-capture technology that he eventually used in Avatar. Two minutes of this test footage is said to be included on the new special edition Avatar DVD and Blu-ray, although it wasn't said what exactly we would see on this footage.

We /avatar-special-edition-blu-raydvd-brings-back-earthbound-opening/reported last month that this new special edition would contain over 45 minutes of deleted scenes. Bleeding Cool is now reporting that there will be over an hour of deleted scenes, 68 minutes, to be exact. There will also be a three-minute video entitled User's Guide for Viewing Avatar Scenes With Unfinished Shots. Some of the featurettes included are entitled Sculpting Avatar, The Amp Suit, Na'vi Costumes, Speaking Na'Vi and Pandora Flora, which will run 27 minutes combined.

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We'll be sure to keep you posted with any further details on the upcoming Avatar special edition DVD and Blu-ray as soon as we have more information.