AvatarIt doesn't seem like anything will stop James Cameron's blockbuster on its dominating run through the home video charts. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Avatar not only took the top spot on the DVD and Blu-ray sales charts for a third week in a row, but it completed the sweep by taking back the rental crown, in the week ending May 9.

There were only two new major releases this week, neither of which really could come close to Avatar. Tooth Fairy fared the best among the new releases with third place finishes on both the DVD sales and rental charts. Leap Year was the other new release which took sixth place on the sales charts and fourth place on the rental charts.

On the BD side of the charts, Avatar easily lead the way again with the new Sapphire Series release of Saving Private Ryan coming in second place, despite the disc being recalled because of an audio synch issue. It was said that replacement discs should be available in retailers by May 18. Tooth Fairy took third place on the Blu-ray sales charts and the original Iron Man took the fourth place slot on the BD charts.

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