/movie/avatar/AvatarWhile it isn't anywhere near a record performance, James Cameron's new film performed nicely during its midnight debut. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Avatar grossed an estimated $3.5 million during its run of midnight screenings.

The film opened in about 2,000 screens for its midnight debut, with most of those screens in 3D. The film will open today in over 3,400 theaters, with close to 3,000 screens shown in 3D and close to another 3,000 screens in 2D. Fox domestic distribution president Bruce Snyder also said that Friday matinee grosses were, "exploding."

"That tells me this is going to be a real moviegoers' picture, not just a movie for the fans," Snyder said.

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Be sure to keep checking in for box office updates as we'll be sure to keep you posted on the box office prowess of Avatar as soon as the official numbers come in.