Although James Cameron's new film is four months away, you can already snag your tickets online. According to The Hollywood Reporter, ticket sales for Avatar have already opened up on a few online ticket sites. and started selling tickets for Cameron's new film on Friday, which was dubbed "Avatar Day" which featured hundreds of IMAX theaters showing an extended reel of the film.

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The sites were selling tickets for midnight screenings in over 75 AMC theaters last week, many of them for IMAX theaters. Sales on the sites were considered to be, "healthy."

"Tickets being put on sale for a film four months in advance is unheard of," MovieTickets exec vp Joel Cohen said. "The fact that tickets have already been sold really speaks to the tremendous buzz the film has already created and the power of James Cameron at the box office."

It was said that AMC came up with the idea to sell tickets this early, but it wasn't clear if other theater chains will follow suit. Avatar is scheduled for release on December 18.